SESSION 1: The Transformative Power of Travel

October 26th, 9:30am

Learn from three seasoned entrepreneurs, athletes and coaches how you can align your work with travel and discuss in interactive groups how you will reach your next destination. This session will be a mix of stories, hands-on workshops and time to discuss the "how" you will get to your dream destination in work, life and travel.


Tara Russell

Have You Ever Dreamed of "Taking Time Off"? Do you long to escape your cubicle, quit your job and travel the world on your own terms? If so, welcome to Three Month Visa... Tara Russell, PCC, CPCC, CDC is a "Life Sabbatical & Long-term Travel Coach" - a certified personal and career coach with a passion for working with clients who dream of taking time off to travel, live, work, study or volunteer abroad. As the Founder and President of Three Month Visa Coaching and Consulting, her mission is to empower her clients to transform their lives (and ultimately the world at large), through meaningful international travel and volunteer experiences. 

Sensi Graves

Sensi is a professional kiteboarder, swimwear designer, entrepreneur, writer and kiteboarding coach. In 2007, Sensi tentatively signed up for a kiteboarding lesson in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and immediately fell in love. Just two years later, she applied to be a kiteboarding coach, relocated to the East Coast, and started collecting accolades. The Hood River, Oregon, local regularly places in the top three at some of the biggest international kiteboarding invitationals, garners continuous coverage in kiteboarding magazines, and even launched her eponymous swimwear label, Sensi Graves Bikinis, to meet the demands of her sport (after losing one too many string bikinis in the surf, she decided to tackle the job herself and design suits that actually stay on in rough conditions).

Lisa Rueff

Lisa is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has accomplished more in the last 5 years than most people do in a lifetime. From creating Sparked, an innovative game, to building an orphanage and school in Haiti, leading international humanitarian retreats, running a wish-granting music foundation and now Collective Hearts, her mission is to ignite love, inspiration and generosity worldwide.  Lisa is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Wellness Expert, Humanitarian Guide, Business Coach, Consultant, Jewelry Designer, Event Curator, International Yoga Teacher and Tour Operator. Her speaking engagements and keynote presentations keep audiences entertained, inspired and motivated beyond words. Lisa loves bringing people together to feel celebrated, inspired and creating ways to empower people to reach their highest potential and purpose. 

SESSION 2: The Power of Story

October 26th, 2pm

Do you want more meaning in your life? More gratitude? Deeper connections with the people you care about? Our stories have the power to deliver all that. Melanie will show you how to write your life through the power of story—how storytelling helps you find meaning, deepen gratitude, and get closer to people who matter most (maybe even heal relationships). At the end of the workshop Melanie will take you step by step through writing a powerful gratitude letter to someone you care about. Come find and share your story!

Melanie Vetter

Melanie Vetter is a transformative writing coach and founder of Wellfleet Circle. Her passion is helping people discover and write their stories for themselves and others. She believes that through writing your story you can change your outlook and find more purpose and meaning. And through sharing your stories, deepen connections to family, friends, mentors even your community. Melanie loves helping her clients, from beginners to strong writers, learn the art of written storytelling and how to use story to connect, deepen relationships and share love and gratitude in a fun and joyful way.

SESSION 3: Skincare and Pause

October 27th, 9:30am 


Welcome to an event entirely dedicated to beauty, skincare and relaxation. During this session you'll learn the basic to understand the science behind beauty products and will have an opportunity to receive personalized skin care advice tailored specifically for you. Session can be coupled with facial yoga/breathing technics (Karin Karlsson)

In the second part of this interactive workshop we will cover the key strategies to avoid burnout based on research and insights on neuroscience, emotional intelligence and behavioral psychology. By the end of the workshop you will create your own pause plan that you can implement immediately, along with EI-based tools to align and live a more satisfied and meaningful life - personally or professionally.

Elsa Jungman

Dr Elsa Jungman is a French native, skin research expert and avid yoga practitioner. After an academic experience at UCSF in 2009, she graduated from her Ph.D. in skin pharmacology at the University of Paris-Sud in 2012. She joined then L'Oréal where she managed the skin delivery evaluation. She moved back to San Francisco in 2015 and has since been working with several local startups specialized in skin health, biotechnology and the microbiome. This new experience transformed her vision of beauty and she has become an adept of slow beauty and sustainable products. She is now working on her skincare line, ELSI Skin Health and recently co-founded a yoga and skincare community called "Atelier Namaste". She is an expert at Credo Beauty and a mentor at Silicon Valley BeautyTech accelerator.

Karin Karlsson

Karin Karlsson is a Swedish native, certified yoga teacher and entrepreneur. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Queen Mary, University of London. After working several busy years in customer experience, she decided to change course and purse her passion for teaching yoga. She moved to San Francisco in 2016 and started teaching public and private classes. For Karin, yoga is a tool to help us balance our busy lives through movement, breath, meditation, reflection, and rest. When Karin met Elsa they together co-founded yoga and skincare community “Atelier Namaste” with the mission of sharing the practice of yoga for self-care and natural beauty.

Rachael O’Meara

Rachael O’Meara is a transformational leadership coach assisting others to fulfill their potential. She works as a senior account executive at Google and also hosts authors who have meaningful messages about mindfulness and emotional intelligence for the Talks at Google YouTube channel. Her book Pause was named one of 2017's top business books for your career, and was featured in the New York Times and on She leads workshops and speaks regularly on the practice of pause or intentionally shifting your behavior to lead a more satisfied and meaningful life. She has a Certificate in Transformational Coaching from Wright Graduate University, and an MBA from Fordham University.

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No matter your industry or place in your career, allowing time for yourself to decompress and step away from work. That’s precisely why we’ve created the Unplug salon, meant for sessions that will discuss every area of your life (that isn’t your work) to help you feel more energized, focused, and passionate every single day. You’ll leave this house with a better understanding how to harness your inner heroine, a plan to start meditating, knowledge about your skin and many contacts to re-connect at a yoga studio or go for a run on the beach.




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