SESSION 1: Negotiating Your Finances

October 26th, 9:00am

Get ready to take action on your finances! We'll cover the nuts and bolts of personal finance as well as negotiating. You'll walk out with new financial goals and a negotiation plan for the next meeting with your manager.

Kelly Gushue is Founder & CEO of Personal Finance Warrior. She empowers women all over the world to take action on their personal finances through her Personal Finance Warrior online workshops. She also holds live workshops for companies, women's groups and alumni groups. Kelly has worked in several areas of finance including Portfolio Construction, Investment Management and Investment Research. She holds an AB from Harvard College and an MBA from the Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago.

SESSION 2: Invest Like A Woman

October 26th, 2:00pm

We’re power women. We raise our hands, we own it, we lean-in, we form support communities, shatter the glass ceiling, and eliminate the biases. But, the investment world is still largely dominated by men, we’re going to do something about it. Unlike many other frontiers for women, becoming an investor starts in-house. Becoming an investor is a decision we can make. It is a skill we can acquire, and it is time to do so. In this workshop, Hoda Mehr will guide us through the logic behind an investment, assess your investing fitness, and answer the questions you’ve been wanting to ask, but just didn’t know how. You’ll leave with the education and power to become an investor, whether that means you’ll start tomorrow, or in a few years.

Hoda Mehr is the cofounder and CEO of Silicon Valley Based startup, Stock Card. The company is a Founder Institute Winter 2017 graduate, and currently in open beta. Stock Card is a simple and interactive online card that aggregates and synthesizes public companies’ financial and non-financial data into actionable insights to help everyday people become stock market investors, and manage their investments without the need to spend hours to learn and research.

Arianna Simpson is a Venture Partner at Crystal Towers Capital and is an early stage investor, with close to 40 investments to date. Before she started investing, Arianna was a PM at BitGo, as well as Facebook in Marketing Solutions and at YCombinator-backed Shoptiques, where she ran sales. She frequently speaks on tech related topics, particularly bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Cathy Curtis is Founder & CEO of Curtis Financial Planning, Inc. Her firm focuses on helping​ women build a solid financial foundation through comprehensive financial planning and investment management. Cathy decided to focus on women clients because she felt they​ were underserved by traditional brokerage firms that didn't recognize women's unique financial needs and concerns. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and independent RIA (registered investment advisor).

Hailey Friedman was the 2nd marketing hire at RealtyShares, a fintech platform that's making it easy to invest in real estate. She has 6 years of startup experience and is President of one of the largest communities of marketers and founders in Silicon Valley, with over 15,000 members. She also shares her growth marketing tactics on her blog

SESSION 3: The Future of Fintech

October 27th, 9:30am

The future of fintech is… diverse …inclusive …female? In this two part session we will be exploring the importance of having a diverse representation in Fintech to ensure that products developed in this space truly respond to the needs of the entire population and not just a tone deaf response built by a limited subset of individuals. How do we ensure that more diverse individuals are involved in Fintech in influential product leadership roles?

Asya Bradley is the VP of Business Development & Sales at Synapse Financial Technologies. SynapseFI develops banking APIs to help bank the unbanked of America by connecting innovative Fintech platforms to banking institutions. She is a champion of diversity and gender balance in the workplace and works tirelessly to promote women, minorities, LGBTQ and other underrepresented communities. Asya is also certified at the highest attainable level by the Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga Yoga and speaks multiple languages fluently including, amongst others, Dutch, Punjabi and Arabic.

Tracy Basinger is the EVP and Director of the Financial Institution and Credit Division at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She began at the Bank as an associate examiner and has held a number of positions with increasing responsibility in her 28-year tenure. She oversees a financial technology (fintech) initiative for the Reserve Bank System and is a Federal Reserve representative on the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision's Task Force in fintech. Tracy holds a BS in Business Administration from CSU Hayward.

Stephanie MacConnell is the Program Director at Empire Startups in New York, one of the largest communities of FinTech founders in the world with hubs in New York, San Francisco and Toronto. Stephanie puts on monthly meetups for a community of over 15,000 in NYC and SF, along with annual Empire FinTech Conferences and FinTech Weeks. She is an active connector and mentor in the community and frequently speaks on topics including the evolving FinTech ecosystem and inclusion in tech. Stephanie is a contributor for Forbes and writes on FinTech and Healthcare technology.

Gené Teare is Head of Content at Crunchbase. Having joined TechCrunch in 2008 to run Crunchbase, she is responsible for data on the platform, and for the Crunchbase venture program. She has been reporting and presenting on the issue of gender equity, based on the Crunchbase dataset. Working from the Atherton ranch, she was also involved with the setup of TechCrunch50 and TechCrunch Disrupt events from 2008 to 2012. Gené began her early Internet career in the '90s by co-founding Cyberia, the original CyberCafe in London, with Eva Pascoe.

Pascale Diaine is a Principal at Storm Ventures. As the former lead for the Orange Corporate accelerator (Orange Fab), she oversaw all activities related to the identification, growth and success of the Orange Fab startups in the US, bringing in startups like Talkdesk, Emberlight, Fenix International, RallyTeam, and TrackR. Previously an evangelist, her extensive networking activity over the past years has positioned Orange strategically in the Silicon Valley and generated access to several world class thought-leaders, influencers, journalists, and emerging companies. She holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Technology at Compiègne (UTC).

After a career in the music industry, Tana Scott founded tipstr to meet the needs of those who work with cash in an increasingly cashless society. With experience in non-profit, large scale production, recording, and educational programs, Tana brings expertise in team building, budgeting, staffing, and creative projects.

Monica West is a writer, producer and actor based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the creator of Best Thing You’ll Ever Do. For Best Thing, West recently won the HBO sponsored ITV Fest's Best Short Drama Series, the Emerging Voices Award (Brooklyn Web Fest), a Silver Screenwriting Award (DC Web Fest), Audience Choice Award (Seattle Web Fest) and six Indie Series Awards nominations including Best Writing and Best Web Series. She also took home the 2017 Indie Series Award for Best Leading Actress. Monica's comedic music videos with MVPleez have been featured by New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Official Comedy and Above Average. She has played roles on Chicago Fire (NBC), Underemployed (MTV), Law & Order (NBC) and stars in Catherine Fordham's Consommé, now streaming on AMC's, Blue Fever and Vimeo. Monica is a member of Cinefemmé and a team member of Top Salt Studio in New York City. She is currently developing a television series about a West Virginia coal miner in Silicon Valley.

Before joining Synapse, Nikki Galusha was a Special Education Teacher for South San Francisco Unified School District where she first picked up programming as a way to help her students. Nikki discovered that software is a great equalizer, and after graduating Hack Reactor, she brought this passion to Synapse. Nikki now leads Synapse's UI as a Service (UIaaS) product. UIaaS provides turnkey user interfaces for Synapse's backend APIs, allowing developers to go live faster with customizable features and enhanced accessibility options, leveling the financial services playing field for everyday people.

SESSION 4: Crowdfund Your Dream

October 27th, 2:00pm

Hear from these crowdfunding experts as they share an actionable guide to kicking off your $1M crowdfunding campaign for your product. This is your chance to learn from successful kickstarter entrepreneurs about what exactly you need to raise money for your product!

Kate Drane is Indiegogo’s Senior Director of Outreach for Tech and Hardware. She loves democratizing access to resources, and considers herself as a VC of the people. Since starting at Indiegogo in July 2012, she’s empowered more than 650 entrepreneurs to collectively raise over $90M on the Indiegogo platform, including Canary, Misfit, and XPRIZE. In addition to working at Indiegogo, Kate is the co-founder and CMO of The Can Van, the world’s first mobile beer canning service made to bring reasonably priced and environmentally friendly packaging options to California breweries. She met her co-founders while attending Presidio Graduate School, where she received her MBA in Sustainable Management.

Liz Klinger is the Co-founder and CEO of Lioness, a company dedicated to improving the lives of women by opening up the conversation around women's sexual health using technology. Through this journey she’s learned that many women had unmet questions, curiosities, and shame around their own sexuality. These stories motivated her to do something about it so that women had resources they can comfortably turn to. Liz has been featured in The New York Times’s Women of the World, on the Huffington Post Live’s morning show and spoken at top universities about women’s health and technology.

Kim Johnson is Managing Partner of The Starting Point Group - a firm dedicated to helping early-stage CE hardware companies accelerate their growth by providing strategic go-to-market planning & launch execution. Kim was previously the VP of Americas Sales for smartwatch pioneer Pebble and is very deeply entrenched in the wearable space in North America. And, prior to Pebble, she was the VP of Sales for Dutch navigation company TomTom focused on wearables, sports and automotive CE products.

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We think that the best ideas come from being inspired by the world around you, so where better to host the Striking Gold house than in one of San Francisco’s most luxurious art galleries? Feel at home in the lush Arader Gallery as you hear from experts in the finance industry about how to ensure your business will thrive. You’ll walk away from this house with a toolkit to conquer those investment models and learn why the future of FinTech is female.


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