SESSION 1: Cause Connect

October 26th, 9:00am

Has volunteering been a personal goal of yours, but sits at the bottom of a to-do list? We’re filling a room full of passionate, vibrant women who want to share ideas, build networks, and catalyze the change we want to see in the world. Whether you’re promoting a new cause, sharing your expertise, or simply looking for a way to share your time, join us for this unique networking opportunity with social enterprises in the Bay Area and beyond.

Kaego Rust is an independent finance consultant for small businesses, and has a passion for supporting women entrepreneurs. She is part of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, a digital initiative and alliance of civically engaged women that has sold over 10,000 "Phenomenal Woman" t-shirts to benefit non-profit partners. In addition, she recently opened 2 women-led restaurants in the Bay Area. Kaego previously served as a Manager & Vice President at Goldman Sachs for 10 years, and received her B.A. in Economics from Harvard.

Magali Mathieu is co-founder of Atlas, a running and social media app where every mile you run, money is donated to a non-profit through a corporate sponsor. When she's not running, she's driving the business development and marketing. A passionate social entrepreneur with corporate marketing experience, her personal mission stems in answering the “so, what” behind social impact. She's a MilestoneMaker graduate granted by Nasdaq's Entrepreneurial Center program.

Miriam Stone is a Co-Founder of Swing Left, a grassroots network of over 300,000 volunteers working to flip the House blue in 2018 and a leading organization in the #resistance movement. Miriam is a Brand Strategist with over ten years’ experience positioning and naming 50+ brands. In her day job, she serves as Strategy Director at Noise 13, a women-led lifestyle branding agency and also operates Brand Plume, a strategy, naming, and messaging consultancy. She is the mother of two strong-willed girls, the author of a memoir, and an aspiring novelist.

SESSION 2: Creative Workshop with Inspiring Leaders in the Social Enterprise World

October 26th, 2:00pm

We'll start by taking time with Michelle to reflect on issues that are important to us, and then our inspiring leaders will take it from there. In this creative workshop, we'll go on a visual journey to discover what issues light a fire of passion beneath the work we do, and how we can keep the momentum alive for months following SERENDIPITY.

A doodler by nature, Michelle Brown first learned the value of visuals to improve retention of information in 5th grade, when her teacher handed out elaborate coloring sheets. She still remembers the stories her teacher read to the class while coloring those sheets. As an adult, Michelle not only helps individuals and teams improve retention of their content, she also facilitates group conversations, meetings, workshops and brainstorming. Using markers, pastels, and paper, Michelle helps people teach, lead, solve problems, and generally get 'unstuck.' Drawing conversations, workshops, and discussions in real-time, Michelle leads groups to see their thoughts in front of them. This powerful experience enables her clients to 'get out of their heads,' thinking in new ways, comprehending more of what was discussed, and retaining more content afterward.

Anne Devereux-Mills is the Founder of Parlay House, a salon-style gathering of over 900 Bay Area women. She is a mentor for SHE-CAN, an organization grooming the next generation of leaders from post-genocide countries. She was a key member of the team that helped pass California's Proposition 36, which brought fair sentencing to thousands of non-violent inmates as part of California's Three Strikes reform. Following that victory, she was the Executive Director for the award winning documentary film entitled, The Return.

Driving all things Strategy and Innovation at YouNoodle, (a company that enables thousands of global startups to apply to innovation programs) Shilpa Prasad has been instrumental in designing startup programs for World Bank, Cisco, and PwC. Shilpa is a marketer by profession and for more than 15 years has experience running her own entrepreneurial ventures in India. She has also been a judge for various prestigious programs such as WeMENA, Creative Business Cup and Startup Chile.  

Yuliya Tarasava has over a decade of experience across the financial sector, starting on Wall Street, and moving into impact investing. She has mentored startups around the world and provided pro-bono consulting to non profits on scaling and financing operations. Her career path is explained by the desire to demystify and humanize finance. Yuliya is the Co-founder of CNote, where her role is to connect people’s dollars with impact. She’s also a math nerd, a rainbow child, and a global citizen.

Named one of the Top 18 Female Engineers In San Francisco, Nena Djaja is an experienced software developer with a background in full-stack, product, web and app development, as well as mentoring and teaching women in tech. At Alice, Nena leads the engineering team in coding, tools and APIs assessment and deployment, testing, and overall ensures the team is moving fast and following best practices.

SESSION 4: Tools for Transparency

October 27th, 2:00pm

As a socially responsible business woman, it’s important to know the many ways you can keep a reliable and open relationship with your customers. Learn how to effectively reach your audience, stay transparent even in the initial stages, and understand the terms of a socially responsible market.

Karla Mora is Founder of Alante Capital, backing innovative companies that radically improve economic, social & environmental sustainability within the textile & apparel industry. Karla has dedicated her career to using business as a force for social good. Early on she developed a deep passion for reforming production practices across industries to improve working conditions & protect the environment. Her interest in supply chain reform and deep concern with the state of the apparel industry led her to launch Alante. Prior to this, Karla worked at Village Capital, Eleos Foundation, Building Markets, the UN, & the World Affairs Council.

Amanda Canning is Founder of Ethical Legal Counsel, a business law firm dedicated to helping ethically and socially-minded companies thrive. She believes that economic prosperity of conscious businesses is critical to global social impact. Amanda uses an approach she calls “conscious contracting” - a genuine and thorough meeting of the minds in a value exchange, be it a vendor agreement, new hire, or licensing contract. As a true counselor to her clients, she is particularly passionate about advising female business leaders in articulating their values in contractual relationships and beyond.

Cristina Samper Pearl is a child of the world: born in Minnesota to Colombian parents, she was raised in Sweden and Abbotsford while making regular visits to Colombia. So when the Vancouver-based entrepreneur founded her event-planning company, Fluent Productions, in 2012, she put her cross-cultural experiences, three spoken languages, and three passports, to good use. Her company plans and hosts weddings and corporate events at destinations around the world—from Paris to Mexico City to New York—for clients that include Airbnb Inc., Shangri-La International Hotels Inc., Lexus and Topshop. In 2016 Cristina took a break from producing events to launch a passion project with her business partner Cristina Peerenboom. Since then, that project has taken them around the world producing events and launching businesses including the pre-launch road show of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel and The Pleasure Bar with Channing Tatum at Magic Mike Live.

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Under Phenomenally's roof, we’re looking at how to be a conscious consumer, business owner, and the many ways you can give back (even when you think you don’t have the resources to do so). The sessions in this house will workshop your company’s mission, help you think twice in the supermarket aisles, and create conversation with social enterprise leaders. You’ll leave this house feeling equipped to create a transparent, socially responsible company, and have an eye for products that will change the world.




The Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign is a digital initiative and alliance of civically engaged women. In just 3 months they sold 10,000 "Phenomenal Woman" t-shirts to benefit their non-profit partners. 

By getting the official “Phenomenal Woman” t-shirt, you're not only making a bold statement in support of phenomenal women everywhere, you're also supporting the critical work that's being done for women's rights on the ground by incredible organizations every day. Funds raised from this shirt benefit Emerge America, EMILY's List, Essie Justice Group, Girls Who Code, Higher Heights, Planned Parenthood, and The United State of Women — so snag yours today!

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