With the Design-It-Yourself schedule, in each of our SERENDIPITY houses, you’ll have the freedom to move outside your comfort zone and explore topics that will help you grow not only your career, but your personal interests as well.

You’ll have the chance to spend time in up to four of these salons, so take a tour of the opportunities below.

Building Something
Social Responsibility
Founders Meet Funders
Women's Health
Emerging Tech
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Jesse Draper
Halogen Ventures
Lisa Mae Brunson
Founder of Wonder Women Tech
Danna Lewis
Athena Alliance
Nicole Quinn
Consumer Partner at Lightspeed Ventures
Olivia Christian
Own Your Story
Jason Calacanis
Angel Investor Launch
Bethany Pagels-Minor
Senior Program Manager at Apple
Terri Mead
Angel Investor and Helicopter Pilot
Shannon Nash
COO & CFO of InsideSource
Hoda Mehr
Co-Founder Stockcard
J Li
MP at Prototype Thinking Labs
Denise Brosseau
Stanford Faculty - CEO Thought Leadership Lab
Ha Nguyen
Founding Partner Spero Ventures
Arjita Sethi
Cofounder of Equally
Svetlana Saitsky
Founder/President of This Is It Coaching
Gia Storms
CTI Coach
Vanessa Mason
Managing Director and Co-Founder of P2Health Ventures
Hillary Wicht
Executive Voice Coach
Christine Tao
Co-Founder & CEO of Sounding Board
Kate McAndrew
Principal at Bolt
Anastasia Miron
Founder of Child Proof Yourself
Lisa Rueff
CEO/Founder of Collective Hearts
Magali Mathieu
Co-Founder of AtlasRun
Kathlyn Hart
Founder of Be Brave Get Paid
Melanie Vetter
Founder of Wellfleet Circle
Ida Linden
CEO & Founder of Lovelyloot
Elena Krasnoperova
Co-Founder FamTerra (formerly Calroo)
Shilpa Prasad
Chief Disruptor at YouNoodle
Mayra Ceja
Director of Equity/ICOs at Indiegogo
Nancy Hayes
Angel Investor
Sensi Graves
Founder of Sensi Graves Bikinis
Kimberley MacLean
Improv Expert - Director of Learning Speechless
Rachel Sheppard
Global Marketing Manager at Founder Institute
Susan Mayginnes
CEO of CORE Leadership Circle
Yann Kronberg
CEO of Zazmic
Tara Russell
Founder of Three Month Visa Coaching
Michelle Brown
Founder of Relatable
Antonia Zierer
Executive Director - Invest in Bavaria
Anne Cocquyt
Founder & CEO of The GUILD
Jo Opot
Head of Business Development, West Coast at Acumen
Allison Marshall
Healthcare | Data Analytics | Yoga
Ann Garnier
Founder of Lisa Health
Dr. Hemalee Patel
Stanford University Hospital & Clinics
Heidi Patel
Partner, Rethink Impact
Grace K
Founder of the Hivery
Anuradha Gali
Engineering Leader Finance Intelligence at Uber
Jenna Perelman
Storyteller at Wefunder | Partner at Detroit Opportunity Zone Fund
Katherine Powers
Operations and Business Development at Wefunder \ Partner at Puerto Rico Opportunity Fund
Laura Kyriazis
General Council for Early Seed Companies
Lori Mazan
Founder and Chief Coaching Officer at Sounding Board
Liza Lichtinger
Founder, MindfulExistenC - CEO, Future Design Station
Claudia Sandoval
International Nonprofit Professional
Nimisha Gandhi
Founder of Moon Cycle Nutrition
Nicole Silver
Founder and Executive Director of G.R.O.W.
Shubra Jain
Investor, Cota Capital
Radhika Iyengar-Emens
Managing Partner, DoubleNova Group
Andrea Walker
AVP, Beneficial State Bank
Roya Sabeti
Founder, Stilobox
Lisa Molinaro
Investment Officer, Tara Health Foundation
Joanna Bloor
CEO & Founder Amplify Labs
Jacqueline Steenhuis
presenter / workshop leader /ambassador
Co-Founder Birdies
Kaego Rust
Founder & CEO at KHOR Consulting
Sarah Deshpande
VC Maven Ventures
Emily Merrell
Founder of Six Degrees Society
Jennie Yang
Director, Customer Success at 15Five
Jenny Po Wah Yu
Financial Planner, Eagle Strategies LLC/New York Life
Donna Griffth
Corporate Storyteller
Tylee Potter
Kleiner Perkins Partner
Kristin Siegel
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