SESSION 2: Health and Wellness Coaching

October 26th, 2:00pm

Finding your value in an overstressed world can be challenging. What are you worth? Learn how to ask for what you want in any situation from the boardroom to the bedroom. You deserve a life full of happiness and gifts, not overwhelm and stress. Discover an easy path to tapping into your YES MoJo!

A trusted wellness coach and bad-ass biohacker, Lane Kennedy is one of the first Certified Bulletproof Coaches. She will help you make your own positive changes guiding you to a path that’s right for you by leading you in up leveling your thinking, upgrading your body, health, and live in a state of high performance - permanently.

Allison Tibbs is a personal trainer and coach who helps women create a lifestyle that will leave them healthier, stronger, and happier through applying her holistic approach to functional fitness, clean eating, and self care. She is also an international speaker and bestselling author, where she empowers women to shift their mindset to assist in the transformation process. She is a firm believer that "where the mind goes, the body follows."

Tara Russell is a Life Sabbatical & Long-term Travel Coach - a certified life and career coach with a passion for working with clients who dream of taking time off to travel, live, work, study or volunteer abroad. As the Founder and President of Three Month Visa Coaching and Consulting, her mission is to empower her clients to transform their lives and careers through meaningful international travel and volunteer experiences.

Phyllis Timoll is a health coach, speaker, author, blogger, wife, and loving mother to her daughter, Elise, son GJ, and dog, Reed. After managing her own difficulties transitioning into motherhood, she decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion of working with woman to improve their overall health and happiness simple steps one at a time. Think life coach meets nutritionist and that equals Well Woman; a holistic approach to self-care for moms.  Accountability in a warm, loving, and fun way, she focuses primarily to empower mothers to achieve balance in their lives through both dietary and lifestyle changes.

SESSION 3: Next Generation Leadership

October 27th, 9:30am

Kate Bryne has put her tech and media expertise to work, holding executive leadership roles at the Tides Foundation, George Lucas Education Foundation, Future LLC, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, SF Gate and Inc. Kate is currently the Vice President of Business Development, Partnership & Membership for Watermark, the world's largest organization of executive women who have risen to the top of their fields. She also founded Girls Gone Global, a budding social enterprise charged with igniting girls' voices, social impact, media and financial literacy skills. Kate was named to the Folio: 40, a media industry top honor, and recognized as one of the 40 most influential top industry performers.

Elise Falcone Rankin is a leadership development and organizational strategy coach who brings over 20 years of experience working as a thought partner and change catalyst for leaders determined to solve the toughest global challenges we face today.  She's also Head of Coaching for The Coaching Fellowship, a non-profit that provides leadership coaching programs to extraordinary women impact leaders across all continents.

Wendy Edelstein, founder of Changeover Coaching, loves working with clients who are ready to confront and overcome such obstacles to success as procrastination, overwhelm, and confidence. The result: increased focus, clarity, and inner strength. Wendy uses her intuition, insight, experience, and wisdom to enable clients to step into their true brilliance—which delights the hell out of her. Wendy is certified as an ACC through the International Coach Federation and as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute. She is proud to be providing pro bono coaching to The Coaching Fellowship, which supports young female leaders dedicated to creating a brighter future.

Eileen Goldman’s personal and professional life reflects her commitment to building a socially just and equitable society. She is a professional certified coach with over 20 years experience in leadership development. She especially loves working with young leaders to increase their confidence, and to promote mindset shifts that will help them reach their full potential. When she is not coaching, Eileen participates with a choir that sings to people at end of life and she also runs marathons. She is a firm believer that we can learn and grow at any age.

Abigail Stason is a Leadership & Development Executive with over 40,000 hours of organizational experience leading, consulting, and facilitating. Abby has intensity about optimizing performance by focusing on the realities around behaviors and strengths to create action oriented developmental plans and program design, offering cutting edge solutions design for executives, teams, and companies. She teaches executives how to be real, highly effective, connected, and evolved individuals and leaders, how to live into their human potential. Abby is also the author of Evolution Revolution: Conscious Leadership In An Information Ageand the Founder of Mindful Leadership Collective, a movement about transforming business through human connection.

Jackie Welch is a Certified Coach, Facilitator and Trainer receiving her credentials from Coaches Training Institute. Jackie is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and has completed her required studies in learning and development in the area of instructional design and delivery. She is President of Tiro Life Coaching, LLC (Time Is Running Out) specializing in talent development. Jackie’s diverse leadership background, and 28 years of corporate experience with Xerox Corporation, allows her to transfer knowledge and teachable moments as a workshop facilitator. Her message allows others to move forward, being more intentional each day and to Live Life with Purpose. 

SESSION 4: Career Coaching

October 27th, 2:00pm

Here’s what makes this session different: we don’t know what Svetlana Saitsky’s going to be talking about yet. But that’s a good thing. She’ll be gathering information from session attendees before she begins, and design an experience tailored around their biggest interests and pain points. Kick off with a conversation with 4 coaches discussing career advice, and then you’ll have the chance to discuss your passions with these wise career coaches, leaving with new insight on your own life.

Svetlana Saitsky is a leadership and mindfulness coach who specializes in helping women find fulfillment in their careers. She has worked with 30+ corporations including Google, Apple, lululemon, Great Place To Work Institute, and Her writing has been featured in the Huffington Post and Delivering Happiness.

Kinh DeMaree brings over a decade of recruiting, HR, and consulting experience, and has placed thousands of people at the world’s most sought-after companies including Facebook, Google, Mixpanel, and Anheuser-Busch. Kinh has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and other international publications. She’s an advisor for the U.S. Department of State’s program and a mentor for, and will be joining us to share her career coaching insights in the Find Your Coach house!

Alexandra Kinloch is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, accredited Professional Coach and strategist who was named a 'Top Australian Female Entrepreneur Under 40’ in 2014 & 2015. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and has founded 3 companies. Alexandra now uses her expertise as a business strategist and executive leadership coach at The Inside Academy to work with startup founders and executives. She is the founder of Fearless Female Founders, an organization focused on facilitating meaningful connections between women entrepreneurs and providing education to create successful companies. 

Keri Lyle has built a 10-year career in HR, from a startup to now going on her fourth role in 8 years at Google. At Google, she helped hundreds of people get hired or change jobs internally, ran the company's best-in-class global executive coaching program, and is now an HR Business Partner. She also serves as an internal coach, working with emerging leaders in the areas of career, leadership, and wellbeing, and provides pro bono coaching via The Coaching Fellowship to high potential women transforming the world through social impact.

While coaching has traditionally been relegated to CEOs and corporate leaders, Karishma Shah found that women early in their careers would benefit immensely from the accountability and championing that comes from working with a coach. She started her own coaching practice focused on serving high potential 20 & 30- something women get to where they're going. She specializes in transitions, developing confidence and clarity while helping individuals pursue whatever set their souls on fire. Karishma has spent 12+ years in marketing and community building for brand names such as Disney, Bizrate, Ticketmaster and most recently Airbnb. She's a Certified Coach, proud Cal alum and is passionate about people and their potential.

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In the Find Your Coach salon, we’re bringing in two amazing coaches to advise you in your career, leadership, wellness, and finance. These experts will offer guidance towards the goals that you’ve set for yourself...and maybe even a few you haven’t considered! Leave this house with a different outlook on every area of your life, a potential coach to use as a resource after Serendipity, and new connections with other women in the salon at our open networking hours!




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