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Robin Parisse

Robin Parisse is the host of the EMERGING TECH house.


Robin is a “media therapist” and consultant. As a media therapist she helps individuals and organizations simplify technology, hones choices, affects positive change, and engages stakeholders. Robin is the co-founder of She Speaks Tech

SESSION 1: Emerging Tech Conversations

October 26th, 9:30am

The emerging tech talks of 4 ladies in STEM are followed by an interactive workshop with Emily Merrell and Jacqueline Steenhuis.  Learn about VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence advances, and from founders and leaders at Microsoft and Uber.

How to conquer imposter syndrome and network like a pro
 Creating new opportunities happens by connecting with the right people, and staying in touch, but this is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. Networking can actually feel downright awkward, but it doesn’t have to be.
Join Emily Merrell, Founder and CEO of six degrees society, and Jacqueline Steenhuis Personal Brand and Positioning Strategist in a session on networking like a pro. Learn how to create a networking mindset so that you confidently share what you do and ask for what you need. Emily Merrell will share her expertise in having powerful and productive networking conversations and how to follow up after the event.

Anastasia Miron

I’m Anastasia: Moldovan-born, Italy-raised, United States-seasoned social entrepreneur, innovation evangelist and consultant.
Known for my contagious energy and can-do attitude, I’m passionate about challenging the status quo by empowering under-privileged people and communities. As Co-Founder of GlobeIn and TEKEDU, I worked to improve technological access and literacy to increase opportunity in today’s increasingly digital marketplaces. As Founder of Child Proof Yourself, my current interest lies in leveraging VR and AR to address human centered problems like parenting and provide new approaches to prevent stress and anxiety in children, through immersive experiences that create awareness and triggers empathy.

Lisa Mae Brunson

Lisa Mae Brunson is a Creative Visionary, Speaker, Author & Social Innovator that is committed to impacting humanity on a global scale. She was named Long Beach Post’s 2016 “40 Under 40” Winner, and she is a Commissioner on the Commission for Technology and Innovation for the City of Long Beach. She has cultivated the “Art of Fearless Asking” to “magically manifest” her visions into reality.

She is the founder of Wonder Women Tech, a global conference platform highlighting, celebrating, and educating women and diversity in STEAM, and has launched Junior Innovation Camps for underprivileged kids. She is founder of two hackathons–Hacks 4 Humanity, a hackathon for Social Good, and Wonder Women Hacks, a hackathon to address challenges facing women and girls. She received a three-year commitment from the City of Long Beach to host the Wonder Women Tech Conference from 2016 – 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Anuradha Gali

Anu Gali is an Engineering Leader at Uber leading the Finance Intelligence. As a tech leader, Anu has built high performing engineering teams from the ground up and steered large-scale projects in web, e-commerce and mobile technologies for companies such as Groupon, Shutterfly, and Adobe. Anu strongly believes in having an entrepreneurial mindset and in helping others to reach their potential. A few years back, in her spare time, she co-founded a company and released a social entertainment app “IntoMovies”. She also volunteers for a number of charitable organizations and STEM programs.

Dr. Amrita Ray

Dr. Ray is a Technical Lead across multiple products in Microsoft. She has developed & implemented ways to retain, engage and grow customers in those products through Network effects & ML models. She leads data science & engineering to improve the products. Prior to her Microsoft years, Dr. Ray was a principal investigator at Stanford leading a research team on personalized medicine and statistical genetics. Outside work she is a busy mom of two, and loves to split spare time between outdoor activities & mentoring younger professionals.

Emily Merrell - Workshop Host

Emily, also lovingly referred to as "20 questions" has always loved figuring out people's stories. In 2014 she dreamt up Six Degrees Society and in 2016 she made her dream a full-time business. In her free time, you can find her exploring new restaurants, drinking bold bottles of wine, taking early morning workout classes, planning her next trip or playing the name game. Follow her adventures at emerrell09.

Jacqueline Steenhuis - Workshop Host

Jacqueline Steenhuis has a PhD in Physical Biochemistry but restarted her career after staying home with her girls for 8 years. Jacqueline leveraged the skills she learned volunteering and freelancing to reinvent her career with purpose and passion. She coaches women towards confident leadership so they play a bigger game with their career. She uses her analytical and empirical abilities to assimilate and evaluate key information to better position businesses and people with vision and purpose through metaphor, imagery and story.

SESSION 2: Emerging Tech Conversations

October 26th, 2:00pm

The emerging tech talks of 4 ladies in STEM are followed by an interactive workshop with Joanna Bloor.

Workshop: We buy everything on emotion and justify on fact, any marketer can tell you this. But what about people? How do you answer the question "What do you do?" Most people answer with just facts. Yet every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you're not in. And in a world where the line between humanity and technology is getting blurrier by the day, why are we still sounding like robots, why are we just giving the facts? Using both of comedy and facts Joanna shares her ideas. Known for "live coaching" audience members she teaches them to walk away with a bold, compelling, authentic and unique answer to the question "What do you do?”

Liza Lichtinger

Liza Lichtinger is an ambitious female futurist who's mission is to educate corporations and world governments about the use of Tech in collaboration with Human Behavior. She is a Psychologist, Behavioral Wellness Advisor and Digital Prodigy on a personal mission to be sure the worlds advances in technology are ethically aligned with the footprint of humanity. Liza was born as a first generation American in Miami, Florida, however grew up and went to school the first few years of her life in Mexico City and is of Eastern European descent. She serves on the advisory board of several AI and Health Tech companies, is a mentor at Chinaacelerator, Founder Institute, GoogleLaunchpad, seasonal volunteer judge at FIRST Robotics. 

Annie Rogaski

As a startup executive, I believe that a diversity of experiences and talents, combined with the shared desire to create something extraordinary, naturally garners success. Through co-founding a law firm and a women’s leadership non-profit, and creating and producing two podcasts, I’ve worn many hats. Trained in chemistry and law, my entrepreneurial adventures permitted me to also dive into operations, finance, sales, and marketing. I leverage this unique cross-functionality to build and inspire teams to manifest important change, unified behind a vision. I thrive in early-stage, fast-paced, technology-focused environments where teamwork is critical to success and look for opportunities to build on or create "team joy" as a core cultural value.


Currently, I support the amazing team at Avegant, where we are developing next-generation display technology to enable previously impossible augmented reality experiences.


In my spare time, I engage men and women in conversations to explore how we can reduce gender bias. I share these conversations on my podcast, Unraveling Pink, launched in 2017 (available on a variety of podcast discovery platforms and www.unravelingpink.com).

Radhika Iyengar-Emens

Radhika Iyengar-Emens is Founding Partner of StarChain Ventures which is focused on foundational blockchain technology and enterprise blockchain solutions. She is a TEDx speaker, a Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, a serial entrepreneur, and an expert in blockchain and healthcare. Radhika is also Managing Partner of DoubleNova Group, a Silicon Valley-based blockchain advisory. She has been a keynote and panel speaker at Stanford University, Google, UCLA and UC Berkeley, has been featured in radio shows, podcasts and keynoted prominent blockchain and healthcare conferences in Silicon Valley and internationally.

Joanna Bloor - Workshop Host

Introduction expert and LADYBADASS founder, Joanna Bloor’s on a mission to get people to talk about themselves in a new way. She asks if you have a great answer to the question “What do you do?” A self-described “startup junkie” Joanna started her career by scaling the revenue strategies of brands such as Ticketmaster, Cars.com, OpenTable, and Pandora. A conversation in line at TED 2016 led to a realization that what we are known for has far-reaching impact as an individual and a leader. Companies such as GE, EY, 21st Century Fox, and Salesforce have brought Joanna in to work employees from recent grads to the executive teams. A TED speaker and “TED experience” coach. Learn more at www.joannabloor.com

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Speakers will also have the opportunity to participate in a photoshoot for Unboxd

(the new "VOGUE" for women in STEM)

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This salon focuses on on giving you the knowledge about the latest and greatest developments in the emerging tech landscape. Anything from blockchain to VR advances and conversations about building and prototyping exciting new technology will be discussed in a safe place where every question is welcome!

Each session will be live-streamed and recorded. The speakers will have an opportunity to be part of a photoshoot for the new "VOGUE" for the women in STEM: unboxd!

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