Melanie Vetter

Transformative Writing Coach

The Power of Story to Design Your Life

Time will be announced soon


Melanie Vetter uses writing as a tool for self discovery, clarity and joy. In the workshop you’ll learn to use your stories to connect with what really matters to you, identify what lights you up and what strengths you already possess. Melanie will guide you to gain greater clarity on how you want to show up for yourself, family, friends, community and work using your stories. Not a writer? That's OK! Melanie can’t wait to share her process. You’ll come away with fun and joyful tools and a clear idea of how to use writing to design a life you love.

Melanie is passionate about the power of our personal stories. Her exploration of her life through writing helped Melanie discover her life’s work and move from corporate attorney to transformational writing coach. She founded Wellfleet Circle to help others lead a more joyful and connected life. Melanie is dedicated to teaching and empowering others to design, celebrate and share their finest life.

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