Ramona Shaw

Leadership and Performance Coach

Write Your Own "User Manual" to Make Your Team Less Anxious and More Productive



The goal of a User Manual is that leaders should create a short guide to their personality, work style and, yes, even quirks, so that their team knows how to work with them effectively and with less unnecessary stress. During this Experience, we take 15-20 minutes to jot down answers to a series of questions which then build the foundation of the participant's User Manual. In a group conversation, we then discuss the different personality types present and the dos and don'ts on how to work with them. As a result, the participants not only walk away with an invaluable tool to put to use right away with their team but also learn how to best interact with different personality types to build stronger relationships and have a greater impact on others.

Ramona Shaw is a leadership and performance coach with the mission to develop high-performing leaders and teams people love to work for. Through coaching and training, she helps newly promoted managers establish leadership behaviors, skills, and habits to reach new levels of productivity and impact in their roles

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