Kirsty Baquero-Nichol

Journalist turned media strategist

Delightful Products for Better Health


Salon - Panel

Doesn't it seem like we're always trading pleasure for the ideal healthy lifestyle? While there’s nothing wrong with trading some unhealthy habits for new ones that can nourish us and enrich our lives, we often forget how essential it is to just do things for the sheer pleasure of the experience, and how much that can actually impact our health. In this session, we’ll indulge in a conversation with leading CEO's who have created beautiful products that help us live healthier lives, without sacrificing pleasure.

Kirsty Baquero-Nichol is a former journalist turned media strategist. She helps fast growing startups create compelling narratives to effectively tell their story to the media. From ideation to media analysis she loves to share the stories of brands and the people behind them. Prior to joining Sutherlandgold Communications agency, Kirsty's career spanned from leading a team of journalists at one of the UK’s leading national newspapers to reporting for the global news agency Reuters. When not storytelling she enjoys running marathons, binging docuseries and hiking with her golden retriever.

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