Julia Bossman

Entrepreneur In Residence at Singularity University

Emerging Tech Talks



Hear from Emerging Tech Leaders who are challenging the status quo and bringing not only new products and businesses to market but are busting out of traditional constructs, driving trends and redefining roles and opportunities for STEM talent in emerging markets and industries. Explore the tangible connection between AI and productivity. What AI can mean to our well-being and the future of intelligent systems and their complexities. Come with a curious mind and be ready to unearth the power that Emerging Technology and STEM can bring to any business. (Moderators: Robin Parisse and Nitasha Syed)

Julia Bossmann is an expert on our future with Artificial Intelligence, currently active as Entrepreneur in Residence at Singularity University. Prior to SU, Julia served at the Global Future Council for Artificial Intelligence at the World Economic Forum and was president of Foresight Institute, a leading non-profit for world-changing technologies. Before venturing into transformative tech, she did strategy consulting at McKinsey, corporate research at Bosch Research & Technology, and academic neuroscience research at the Brain & Creativity Institute. While Julia is enthusiastic about the future of intelligent systems and complexity, she advocates for resilience engineering to avert catastrophic outcomes. Her interest in resilience extends into research on technologies that help communities cope with or bounce back from catastrophic events or loss of infrastructure. As a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers hub in San Francisco, she is currently leading a project on bringing concepts of psychological first aid into communities. In her free time she enjoys hosting talk events, brain hacking, Beat Saber, art, and being in nature.

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