Anne Klint

Energetic healer and coach

Tools for Effective and Transformational Leadership



Making A Bigger Ripple Tools for Effective and Transformational Leadership Every word, every action, and even our very thoughts are creating ripples in our lived experience. Do you want to make a bigger ripple, and have a larger impact in the world through your work or your relationships? Are you being called to be a more effective or transformational leader? Or to inspire others to level up? Do you want to reach a wider audience, or share your self or your message in a way that can be more easily received? If so, you are heartily invited to join this experience and learn the tools to be a deeply effective and transformational leader. Here's what we'll cover: Creating Safe Space for Vulnerability and Connection Tuning In To Your Body to Flex Your Self-Awareness Muscles Ending Judgment and Fear by Practicing Radical Self-Acceptance How to Make Bigger Ripples by Super-Charging Your Self-Compassion This experience is for leaders of all kinds: managers, entrepreneurs, partners, founders, funders, friends, and people who like people (or want to like people more). True leadership begins with self-leadership.

As an energetic healer and coach, I lead women through a process of transformative self-discovery to get unstuck and heal the pains of the past. We dig deep to uncover and then reprogram those tired old stories so you can finally experience freedom from self-doubt, self-criticism, and all that judgment. You'll remember who you really are, flex your personal power in new ways, and deepen and expand your relationships with yourself and others. I hold the flashlight, carry the backpack full of snacks, and side by side we find the river of your awesome true nature, and get you back into the flow of your authentic being. Anné Klint is a certified PSYCH-K® facilitator, Reiki II practitioner, and has studied the Emotion Code with it’s founder, Dr. Bradley Nelson. She has earned CE credits from The Institute for Brain Potential, as well as the Institute for Functional Medicine. Klint holds a BFA in Photography from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

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