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Coaching Lounge


Coaching Lounge

What’s driving your search for self-improvement? Are you seeking to transition to another company with a better culture? Looking to fine-tune your startup’s mission statement and marketing strategy? Striving to find your path as a millennial thought leader? If you frequently ask yourself these type of questions, you might think you would benefit from a mentor. While that’s not a bad idea, a more targeted and result-driven approach is to get a qualified coach who can help you level up. Welcome to the Coaching Lounge! The GUILD is on a mission to connect the right women with the right resources, and as a part of that mission, we are offering speed coaching sessions to help women of all ages and career stages get an opportunity to “test-drive” a coach. Did you know that being coachable is a fundamental character attribute for success-in whatever field? Join us in the Coaching Lounge and meet professional coaches from around the Bay Area who offer guidance towards the goals that you’ve set for yourself… and maybe even a few you haven’t considered. You’re invited to participate in speed dating-style coaching sessions in various areas, including health, wellness, professional development, relationships, business, finance, beauty and fashion. What: 15 minute speed coaching sessions with 10 exceptional coaches Where: General’s Residence, 1 Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94109 When: Friday, September 27,11:00-12:30pm

Arjanna van der Plas is an engineer turned coach who helps women all over the world to design the life they want to live, overcome mental barriers, and achieve their professional and personal goals. She is certified by CTI and the International Coaches Federation. Her experience as a yoga and meditation teacher inspires her to incorporate mindfulness in her coaching, and she draws from her background in industrial design engineering to find creative solutions for her clients’ challenges. When she’s not working in her private coaching practice, she enjoys teaching and coaching at Berkeley Haas.

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