Michèle Taipale

Catalyst, Connector, Coach

Sex, Love and Leadership



A 21st Century Workshop for success and fulfillment in the bedroom and the boardroom We are living in the most anxious of times and modern love is stirring more anxiety than ever. With less direct and unconstrained time with our fellow human beings, we get less and less competent at the vexingly complex activity of human interaction. Connecting with a beloved seems monumental and, for many, altogether out of reach. To be vulnerable with someone is what love requires but vulnerability feels like the hardest thing. Struggling with the perplexities of relationship, we often miss that what stymies us in our most intimate lives is also what stymies us in our professional lives. Get a handle on how to show up as your brightest, boldest, truest self in your most intimate encounters and you will find yourself more powerful, more comfortable and more effective in all the spheres of your life. In this highly interactive workshop, we explore the nitty gritty of what runs amok in the earliest phases of our relationships and how we can change course. Through a deep dive into the biology and psychology of love and lust, we examine how nature may lead us astray. Through an examination of our own beliefs and baggage, we uncover what keeps us from the fulfillment we long for. From there, we explore how to change the script. We help you move into the glorious wonderful space of generous fearless loving and open the path to becoming the strongest and best version of yourself.

Michèle is a passionate advocate for human potential with 30 years of experience helping high achievers become more powerful, intentional and effective leaders in their personal and professional lives. With a broad range of experience, from entrepreneur to strategy consultant, from animal trainer to mindfulness and positivity scholar, she sees professional and personal challenges from many perspectives and provides unique insights that bring out the best and the bravest in her clients in all realms of their lives. She is a Leadership coach for The Wharton Executive MBA program and The Coaching Fellowship, and a mentor with Women Unlimited, Inc. She is advisor and coach to many young founders and innovators of pro-social companies such as Copia’s Komal Ahmad (Toyota Mother of Invention, Forbes 30 under 30) and Kidogo’s Sabrina Habib (winner of the 2017 Unilever Young Entrepreneur Awards). In addition to an MBA in Multinational Management, an MA in international Affairs and an MFA in Creative Writing, Michèle has been a member of Ellen Langer’s Mindfulness Lab in the Psychology Department at Harvard and is a certified Happiness Advantage Coach. She has also taught many workshops focused on increasing knowledge, openness, acceptance, humor, curiosity and communication in the realm of relating and bonking.

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