Maria Bailey

Career Coach

Heal Your Impostor Voice, Kill Your Gremlin

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Experience and Coaching Lounge

You know you got severe skills for your career, but inside your head lives a voice that tells you "You're Not Good Enough"..."You won't make it"...She's better than you" that's the end of it, heal your impostor's voice and learn how to embrace you Sage Voice. Join this workshop where you will do an Individual Self- Development Exercise, share with the group and make a SMART goal commitment.

Maria Bailey is a certified career coach, Reiki Master, Brazilian. Self Development addicted. Shamanic Circle fan. Meditation "eater". She’s been working with personal and career development since 2006 transforming hundreds of lives, including herself, she paid off 35k in debt, attended and graduated her dream school UC Berkeley, healed a stressful relationship with her mom, now she lives in the most expensive city in the US and is married to the love of her life. As a coach, Maria has supported hundreds of shining lights (human beings) since 2017 all over the US, with their companies, startups, and corporate careers, through workshops, training, private sessions, brainstorm sessions, classes, groups coaching, including professionals from Google, Facebook, Dell, Shishedo, 3M and other enterprises.

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