Sonya Satveit

CEO/Founder Qanik DX Inc.

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Sonya Satveit’s journey to becoming a FemTech Founder began with her own health story. When unaddressed hormone health issues led to two miscarriages, Sonya realized the healthcare system wasn’t designed to serve the unique needs of women. 20 years later she sees her daughters facing the same issues. The guiding principle, “let your pain become your purpose” led her to become a women’s health advocate through her blog Hormone Soup. Inspired by stories of women from 175 countries around the world, she soon realized writing wasn’t enough and set out to transform women’s health. Sonya’s vision starts with removing the gatekeepers to lab testing, giving women control over their data and empowering them with the knowledge they need to manage their health. She founded Qanik DX, a lab for the home designed to help women address their health concerns sooner and get the answers they deserve. With Qanik DX’s QT Sensor women will be able to measure and monitor their hormones in the comfort of their own home and have personalized insights delivered in real-time to their smartphone. Sonya also founded Open Source Health which piloted the first precision medicine platform for women’s health – a multinational project involving multiple stakeholders from the US, Canada and Europe. Sonya published the results in the peer-reviewed journal, Learning Health Systems. She has been invited to speak about women’s health and entrepreneurship across North America and Australia. As a non-technical founder, Sonya says it’s a combination of vision, passion, authenticity and a healthy dose of perseverance that have enabled her to succeed.

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