Trish Costello

CEO, Portfolia

Investing in Change


Salon - Panel

In this salon you will learn from angel investors, financial experts and VCs how you can start investing in your future to align your money with your values. This session is for anybody interested in connecting with a community of women who invest in their future.

Trish Costello is CEO of Portfolia and Managing Director of Portfolia Funds. Portfolia creates investment funds designed for women, so they can back the companies and innovations they want in the marketplace, for returns and impact. Portfolia has funds in Women’s health, Enterprise, Consumer Tech, Active Aging & Longevity, Food & AgTech, and Diversity/Inclusion. Portfolia funds provide an interactive and educational view of investing for its members, whilst seeking market returns and innovating the marketplace. Trish is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in preparing venture capital investment partners through the prestigious Kauffman Fellows Program, where she was the founding CEO and CEO Emeritus. Trish was Founding President of CVE Capital Corp, the holding company of a $1.7 billion Fund of Funds. Costello was on the start-up team of the Kauffman Foundation’s entrepreneurship center, where she played a leading role nationally in increasing equity investments in women’s businesses and in funding initiatives supporting high-growth women entrepreneurs, as well as equity programs for all high-potential entrepreneurs. Trish led the National Science Foundation SBIR Sub-Committee on Commercialization and was the Director of the Arthur M. Blank Center of Entrepreneurship at Babson College. Trish intends to activate the capital of 100,000 women over 5 years, investing over $1.4B in companies women want in the marketplace.

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