Ellen Brook

Artist, Designer and Creativity Workshop Leader

Unleash Your Creativity and Collaborative-ness through Painting on Silk



Is your organization missing out on the benefits of a creative culture? Help build your own…as well as your company's creative, collaborative and risk-taking "muscle.” In this fun and engaging workshop, learn about yourself, build meaningful rapport with others and better activate the building blocks of innovation. Not all creativity comes from the thinking mind alone. BREAK here Grab a brush, a bottle of dye and some silk -- and let’s get adventurous. You'll experience the unique art of painting on silk while Ellen leads you through playful exercises to help move aside what might get in the way of your creativity and ability to connect more deeply to others. Bust through mind traps and loosen the grip of team or organizational silos with more ease. It’s meant to be fun, but also to take you out of your comfort zone so new possibilities can bubble up. Play with questions such as how adaptable am I? How do I deal with disruptions? Do I play it safe too often? Am I curious about people outside my team or daily routine - do I even realize they’ve got creative superpowers that could help move us forward together?” This is not an art workshop - it’s about creativity. Creativity is Power. We’ll have painting shirts and shoe covers but feel free to bring your own shirt or an extra pair of shoes!

Ellen is a San Francisco Bay Area abstract painter and designer who is fluent in the language of both business and art. After two decades in senior investor and communication roles, Ellen discovered her creative potential and redefined her career. She now creates artwork, apparel and accessories.

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